Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You want me down on Earth, but I'm up in Space!!!

Next tee, Bohemian Bones Mesh Blouse, DIY Vest, Bohemian Bones Velvet Leggings, Zara's Bag and Ebay Sneakers

Well, there is this huge talk about the wedged Sneakers, some people hate it, and some absolutely love it, and the second option its my case!!! I love it! Its the most comfy thing ever!!! And i love the fact that it gives a sport vibe to my looks, plus its a great option to use at night and day!
For a petite girl like me is shoe heaven!!!!

What do you guys think of the wedges sneaker???

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  1. Intensely amazing. I love everything about this outfit. Also feeling the sneaker wedge :)

  2. Wedge sneakers look cute on you. I like my flat sneakers cause sneakers are not meant to be heels, at least to me. Ahhh but I want your clothes....

    xx Jackie-0

  3. you look absolutely amazing, we love that vest!


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  4. Wedged sneakers really are like heaven for us petite girls :) I also love them!
    Great look, I really like the grey/red hair contrast!

  5. love your wedge sneakers,I've bought the same ones from Amsterdam!They are so Isabel Marant-ish! :)
    love your style much!

  6. rly love ur haircolour! it's great.

  7. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful !!!! <3

  8. Oh gosh I love your blog! It will be one of my new obsessions! <3

  9. you're from the 70's but I'm a 90's bitch!