Monday, October 1, 2012

Hanging out!

I fell head over heels with this editorial!!! So, I could not pick  some pictures, so I decided to post it all, I loved all of them! I love this fun and quirky vibe!!! I want to hang out with these girls wearing and hoodies and jumping thru fences, eating pizza!!!plaids
About the clothes, I could wear every single piece!!!! Each day i'm more into this gunge/punk street trend!!!!

Souce: LF Stores

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Boxy Black and Oversized

Black, Black and more Black! Maybe this is my favorite street style “season”, if you can actually name a this a period?!
But I am definitely loving this Black, Boxy and Sporty aesthetic, I really have to acknowledge that this silhouette is not for everyone, since I’m quite petit, I can’t mix 2 boxy pieces together, I love big and wide pants with a college jacket,  but this is just not for my frame…
So this season I’ll just stick to the boxy jackets with short and slim skirts, like one of my muses: Miro! Its always good to have an inspirational figure, with literally the same figure as you! Lol
So for my new designs: loads of big black and boxy Jackets!!!! 

Sources:, Stockholm SS and Rodeo

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Fashion Illustrated Guide

I found these Illustrations online, and I love them, they are fun, smart, simple and yet a bit controversial!
All in these almost childlike sketches!
And I love them for all these reasons!!! Maybe my favorite one is Kate Lanphear, its so much alike and she's my fashion muse, so maybe a lot of the things written on the side are real. (the fashion cult!lol!)

which one is your favorite??

Illustrations by: Joana Avillez