Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The band is in the rainbow playin love for you and I!

Vintage Tee, Topshop Jacket, Bohemianbones Velvet Skirt and Bohemianbones Clutch

I'm quite into embellished things right now, recently I've been bejeweling all my tees and jackets lol! I'm sewing pearls and stones on everything!!!
And I can't get enough of over the top pieces, I'm in love with wild patterns, bold colors and baroque stuff!
So this tee fits my mood perfectly!

And I've been listening to Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros quite a lot too!!!! Their song its so happy and I have a big crush on him! <3

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  1. SO rock chic! Love! Following you :)

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  2. Freaking amazing. I love this outfit. You look beautiful

  3. Haha, can I be you?

    I love your hair as well as the whole ensemble! Very edgy yet chic. This is really stunning.

  4. That clutch looks really neat, and love the jacket too.. Great look ! ^^

    Indie by heart

  5. Cool look you have here, I want to steal everything you are wearing. Haha, X

  6. wow your pretty and your style is very on point! suites you well!

    hope you stop by my blog as well, it would mean a lot to me :)

    Figure of Chic

  7. Love the red and black
    And you have gorgeous hair colour!

  8. dang, girl! you're outfits are so ridiculously on point and right up my alley as of late, holy moly. and you just made me really long for the days of 3rd grade, when i had my pink bedazzler!!! <333

  9. u look gorgeous! love the fiery braid

  10. That skirt, WOW! I love how the embellished top creates the illusion that you're wearing a necklace, it peeps out perfectly from your jacket :)

  11. I love this look! The velvet skirt is amazing! You have fierce style!

  12. i'm loving this whole look, and i am so into studding/beading everything as well! love your hair color by the way ;)

    crystal hearts vintage