Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Shaped Collar

Heart Collar Diy, Vintage Leather Shorts and Ebay Boots

Last year I decided to sew this heart shaped beads on this old silk shirt, it's always great to customize old stuff and give it a new look, I always thought this shirt looked a little like a uniform, but since It got this heart shaped collar I changed my mind, now I can't get enought of it!

Since I'm not quite an experienced blogger, Do any of you guys know how to make all the pictures the same size? I would like them to be aligned and vertically equal, and no matter how much I try to change the size or configuration I can't figure this out!!! Help!


  1. Your collar is the love of my life.

  2. that's a really nice DIY! Love it!


  3. Your blog <3
    Your hair <3

  4. I love so much your collar!! And i just saw the first page of your blog and you look beautiful! I love your style and how you mix your clothes you are very stylish girl!

    xoxo Lizzie