Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dancing Cheetah come before my Forest

Its been a while since I have posted, well this is my cheetah inspiration, I simple adore this animal, its the most amazing and fastest specie from the whole animal kingdom.
Some ramdon pictures from google, some from Tumblr and the first one is my look from the weekend a total cheetah fever, and the crazy ones, are some pics a friend took over the weekend also, with her zenit camera, she only phographs with analogue cameras, its incredible!
The last one I know, its a tiger, but its from the same family right!?! lol, and its a halloween inspiration already!  For me the animals are already running wild on the 31st!

Sources: Tumblr, google images and  Ilana C Machado'Tumblr


  1. what's not to love about the cheetah! xx

  2. Love love love the last photo. Excellent post, cheetahs rock!

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  6. Great print!
    Love the inspiration that follows as well! The photo with the animal print skirt and the blue oversize jumper just gave me a great idea on how to wear my animal print skirt!

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    amazing pictures!!
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    adore the animal print!


  10. Love this look, eye of the tiger!